About AIFdb

AIFdb is a database implementation of the Argument Interchange Format (AIF), allowing for the storage and retrieval of AIF compliant argument structures. AIFdb offers a wide range of web service interfaces for interacting with stored argument data, as well as offering its own search and argument visualisation features all consistent with the formal ontology of the AIF.

At the lowest level, AIFdb's web services allow for the insertion and querying of the basic components of an AIF argument such as nodes, edges and schemes. Building upon these lower level interactions, AIFdb also offers a 'middle layer' which groups these simple queries to allow more complex interactions to be easily performed. For example it is possible, with a single query, to determine all of the statements made by a particular person in support of a given I-Node. At the highest level of interaction, AIFdb supports modules handling the import and export of numerous formats such as SVG, DOT, RDF-XML and the formats of the Carneades, Rationale and Araucaria tools.

AIFdb is available online at http://www.aifdb.org